Unlyshed in South Africa – A New Chapter


I made it!

Crazy. I’m on a new continent with 36 other crazy people who are on this adventure with me.

I’m here to learn, to get down to the nitty-gritty, to experience life and to be present. I’m here to rub my hands in the dirt and do God’s business here. I’m here to focus on God, to learn from new friends, and to serve and love the best I can. I am here to learn God’s heart for South Africa.

This is a new chapter in a new environment.

God, break my heart for what breaks yours. Give me joy for the things that give your heart joy. Have your way in my life. Lead me where you want me to go. Guide my steps. Be my everything. Continue to pour out your mercy when I choose myself over you. Continue to show me your love when I falter. Use my weakness. Humble me. Bring to my knees in dependence on you. Never let me think I have it all together. Lord. soften my heart for your people. Widen and deepen my heart. Do your thing. Have your way.

A new chapter in a new environment. A new opportunity to bring the kingdom to earth.


Lysh Out!


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