Unlyshed in Indonesia – God is Fun

I didn’t expect this trip at all.


To be fair, I didn’t expect anything. I knew better. When you place your expectations on God, He always has to knock them down so that you can see the glory of what He’s got for you.

But I didn’t expect to have fun, to learn how fun God is.

My trip to Indonesia was very unique. We were the first trip to Indonesia from APU doing this type of work. We were surfing. WHAT?!

Before I went on the trip, I knew that we’d be surfing, I knew that we’d be on a boat, and I knew we’d be living island life, and island-hopping. I couldn’t quite imagine it all, though. That’s why it was such a welcome surprise.

The trip was a 6 week surf trip on and around the islands of Bali, Gili Air, Lombok, Sumbawa, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Penida. These are some of the best surf sites in the world with views out of this world.

Our team from APU consisted of 7 members. We spent a week on Bali learning the language and adapting to the culture, customs, and food before joining Surfing the Nations (STN), a humanitarian organization from Hawaii that reaches out to the world and teaches surfers how to give back to the communities they surf by. We had an awesome time learning how to love and serve and bless others, and we were blessed beyond measure in the process. We surfed, and talked, and served, and played, and above all we loved!

IMG_0250IMG_0251IMG_880910603739_10204455548048187_3940558592319078424_n     10574388_10204455602529549_6066432723822363957_n      IMG_9461

I discovered that God is fun. We are “allowed” to have fun on missions trips. God meant for us to enjoy the gift of life that He gave us. Life is hard, the devil will try to throw everything and anything at us, but God calls us to Him, to give Him everything, to obey Him, and to enjoy life.


Lysh Out!


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