Unlyshed in Indonesia – God Is Beautiful

I know when I try to fully describe God I cannot. I will never be able to. He is too unpredictable, too good, too loving, too jealous, and I’ll never be able to convey that. So I pick one attribute at a time and proclaim what I know about Him to be true.

In Indonesia God showed me His beautiful side. I believe everything God creates is beautiful because He is Beauty and beauty is objective.


He blew me away in Indonesia. He showed off to me. He was faithful to prove His beauty. He revealed Himself in sunrises of golden rays, the deepest blues melding with the lightest blues. He revealed Himself in sunsets, awesome unbelievable yellows, oranges, and reds ombre-ing into the dark blues of the the night sky. He revealed Himself in moonrises, giant orbs of pale pearl rising slowly above the shimmering ocean reflecting all its glory. He reveled Himself in star-studded skies that I could stare at all night unblinking. He revealed Himself in the ocean, crazy vast. He revealed Himself in the green tropical plants of the island, the white sandy shores, and every mountain. He was in the flowers, the fish, and the dogs. He was in everything.








I often forget the goodness of God, the faithfulness, and the love of God; but when I see nature, I am always blown away. I remember that God is beautiful. Nature reminds me that God is always with me. When I feel the earth between my toes, the wind in my hair, the heat and the cold, the water I love enveloping my body, I am reminded of the presence of God.



Lysh Out!


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